Mercia backs Edge Case Games
Wed, 8th October 2014

Mercia backs Edge Case Games

Investment firm Mercia Fund Management has extended its growing gaming portfolio with the £200,000 backing of a Guildford developer.

Edge Case Games is the team behind space flight combat game Strike Suit Zero, downloaded by more than a million gamers on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Formed by industry veterans James Brooksby and Chris Mehers, Edge Case Games is moving to free-to-play games as a service model, focusing on the core PC gamer audience.

Its first steps will be to focus on building an engaged community around its first soon-to-be-announced free-to-play game.

Warwickshire-based Mercia is investing £200,000 in the company.

Chris Mehers said: "These funds will be used to expand the development team, and create the right launch platform for our first free-to-play game.

"We chose Mercia as our funding partner as their experience and depth of knowledge in the digital entertainment sector means that they will add value way beyond simply being a financial investor."

Mike Hayes, head of Mercia's digital division, added: "Digitally delivered free-to-play games as a sector is enjoying explosive growth with games delivering hundreds of millions of dollars of high-margin revenue, disrupting the traditional retail and digital pay-to-play incumbents.

"Investing in this sector with an expert team is a natural choice for us as we expand our digital portfolio."

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