Cricket club launches 50,000 crowdfunding bid
Thu, 27th November 2014

Cricket club launches £50,000 crowdfunding bid

By Matthew Ord, Digital Staff Writer

A North East cricket club has launched a £50,000 crowdfunding bid to develop a new facility on land close to its ground.

Durham County Cricket Club hopes to raise the case via Crowdfunder to develop a nursery facility on land close to The Emirates Durham International Cricket Ground.

The initiative is aimed at giving children and women's cricket clubs from across the county "the chance to enjoy a first class future".

At the time of writing, the bid has raised £10,755 (22 per cent of the total) in almost nine days. If reached, the £50,000 target will be added to corporate support totalling £100,000 and work will start on the facility.

David Harker, chief executive of Durham County Cricket Club, said: "Currently young people, and women in particular, can really struggle to find the space needed to practice at the sport they love. More than most sports, cricket relies on having a large amount of space - particularly as much of the training needed to improve involves scenario planning.

"Having a dedicated training facility so close to the current ground would create a fantastic environment from where we could further our community engagement work."

Article by
Matthew Ord

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