Waltons Clark Whitehill invests in growth
Thu, 9th October 2014

Waltons Clark Whitehill invests in growth

By Matthew Ord, Digital Staff Writer

Hartlepool-based Waltons Clark Whitehill is investing its GrowthAccelerator funding into a 12-month programme aimed at ensuring growth across the firm.

The chartered accountancy has engaged Ian Kinnery of Team Massive Results to deliver the programme, which directly engages the directors and the senior leadership team in developing the business strategy to ensure cohesion and growth.

A "significant sum" is being invested in the programme, half of which is from the fund.

Heather O'Driscoll, managing director of Waltons Clark Whitehill, said: "This is an intensive programme to build our firm through the development of the key individuals who are involved in managing the business to ensure we have continued success.

"Having been through the GrowthAccelerator process ourselves puts us in a unique position as registered providers. We can share our experience with our clients as we also help their businesses to grow and succeed."

Waltons Clark Whitehill is now an approved provider of GrowthAccelerator support, meaning they are able to work with businesses to assess their needs and enable them to access funding towards growth projects.

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