Bristol 2015 outlines green objectives
Wed, 22nd October 2014

Bristol 2015 outlines green objectives

Andrew Garrad, chairman of the company set up to delivery Bristol’s year as European Green Capital, has told delegates at Insider’s Green Capital breakfast that it was his mission to get everyone involved with the event in 2015.

Addressing delegates at KPMG’s offices in Bristol yesterday (21 October 2014), Garrad recognised that communication between Bristol 2015 company and the business community in the city had not been forthcoming.

"We’ve been a bit coy about saying too much about what we’re going to do before we had the money to do it," he said.

He addressed the issue that the company had restructured and explained that four members of staff have been assigned 'stakeholder engagement' roles to work closely with businesses in the city region.

In order to deliver a balanced programme of events, Bristol 2015 has identified three key objectives for next year, he said. The first is undertaking physical greening activities during the year, which range from small neighbourhood projects to "strategic projects" costing up to £50,000.

The second is putting "Bristol on the map". Garrad said: "We have remarkable businesses, skills and services here but we haven’t made enough of it."

The third objective is to measure and analyse everything achieved during the year, which will be used to help other cities in the UK and in Europe become greener. Known as the Bristol Method, this is one of the projects key sponsor KPMG is working on.

The Bristol Method will contribute to Bristol’s legacy to ensure that all the progress made next year does not fade away. It goes part way to answering how the city makes the most of its status and ensures the funding is well spent.

Ben Wielgus, head of sustainability strategy at KPMG, added: "The real success for Bristol is not what’s happening with the spend, but what’s happening with the people outside that spend and how they’re engaged and capitalised.

"For me, the measure of success is whether this fairly modest investment of £10m to £20m can unlock investment of £100m to £200m which could give the city £5bn over the next few years. They sound like big numbers but it’s absolutely possible. It will mean everyone involved recognising their role to play in this."

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