Kelda named preferred bidder for Cardiff energy project
Mon, 6th October 2014

Kelda named preferred bidder for Cardiff energy project

Kelda Organic Energy has been recommended as the preferred bidder to develop organic waste facilities in Cardiff.

The company was selected by the City of Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan councils and will develop anaerobic digestion and open windrow composting plants in the city, plans for which have already been approved.

Its preferred bidder status will be confirmed when approved by both councils at meetings later this month.

"This is a hugely significant landmark for the city council as we are committed through our One Planet Cardiff vision to meet the statutory Welsh Government targets as we work towards their ‘Zero Waste’ goal for 2050," said Bob Derbyshire, City of Cardiff Council cabinet member for the environment.

"I am really excited by this project, it shows we are meeting the challenges of recycling the waste we all produce, head on, with innovative and sustainable technology that will revolutionise how we treat organic waste."

When operational, the new facilities are expected to bring jobs to Cardiff and support local businesses.

Rob Curtis, Vale of Glamorgan Council’s cabinet member for the environment and visible services, added: "Given the strong environmental and economic advantages that this solution will deliver to the two authorities we are pleased to be able to share these benefits and looking forward to working with Cardiff to deliver this sustainable solution."

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