Morgan calls for South Wales transport solution
Mon, 29th September 2014

Morgan calls for South Wales transport solution

A member of the Cardiff Capital Region board has called for the formation of an urban development corporation to support transport improvements in South Wales.

Brian Morgan, professor of entrepreneurship at Cardiff Metropolitan University, said that the creation of a body similar to the Cardiff Bay Development Corporation (CBDC) was "critical" to addressing the region's connectivity objectives.

"The CBDC was a creation of Westminster but it was an unmitigated success," he said. "Now, the Welsh government can create the same type of urban development body to ensure the delivery of an integrated transport solution for South Wales."

Morgan made the call at a networking event hosted by The Forum at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

He said that one possible transport solution is a metro system, which would help South Wales match the success of other UK regions.

He added: "Manchester, with consensus among its ten urban councils, its 3.2 million population, metro, international airport, and its Midas investment vehicle, is leading the way, and has done for many years.

"But if you look at the UK competitive index, Cardiff is not far behind, and indeed, could outperform most other areas in the UK because it is a capital city, and has all that a capital city has to offer."

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