Redundancies offered as council aims to save 20m
Wed, 15th October 2014

Redundancies offered as council aims to save £20m

The entire 3,300-strong workforce of Anglesey Council has been offered the chance to take voluntary redundancy as the local authority looks to save money.

The council will need to cut its budget by £20m over the next four years and has invited staff wishing to opt for voluntary redundancy to approach human resources.

The offer will also include teaching and education support staff.

Anglesey’s chief rxecutive, Richard Parry Jones, said: "Each year it becomes harder to find savings and many of our services now have little option but to look at their staff.

"It must be stressed that this will not guarantee that an employee can be released. We must still be able to keep the right balance of skills, abilities, experience and knowledge to ensure we can provide the best possible services to the people of Anglesey.

"There are also a number of key posts that the authority will be unable to do without and in those instances redundancy isn’t applicable."

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