Welsh companies seek rail industry opportunities
Thu, 2nd October 2014

Welsh companies seek rail industry opportunities

More than 100 Welsh companies will attend a 'meet the buyer' event with London Underground and Rail tomorrow (3 October 2014), to learn more about opportunities in the sector.

The event will take place at Cardiff City Football Stadium and will be hosted by the Welsh government.

It will focus on how businesses can create opportunities in the rail sector, with London's Underground and Rail networks spending a total of £1.3bn each year, 83 per cent of which goes to suppliers outside of London.

It is one of several Welsh government events centred on the rail industry in the past 18 months ahead of its "significant" expenditure on infrastructure over the next decade.

'Buyers' that have been involved in the events include Bombardier, Hitachi, Rail Europe, Alstrom Faiveley, and Knorr Bremse.

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