Flexible working brings competitive gains - EY
Mon, 13th October 2014

Flexible working brings competitive gains - EY

Humberside businesses could gain a competitive advantage by offering employees flexible working options, according to EY.

In the company's Hull office, 23 per cent of staff have flexible working contracts, while EY "actively supports" informal flexible working arrangements. These arrangements are "available to everyone in the UK and Ireland, regardless of their level of seniority".

Natasha Tomlinson, executive director at EY in Hull, said that flexible working is becoming "business as usual" and is helping to attract and retain the best people and save money.

She said: "Not only are businesses spending more time working across time zones and international borders, but the next generation of workers in the region has also grown up with ‘virtual working’, greater collaborative space and more flexibility.

"To keep this top talent in our region – which is hugely important for our economic development – this is exactly the kind of environment we as employers need to provide.

"Most people would acknowledge that we struggle to retain talent across a range of sectors in Humberside. Flexible working is an effective way of allowing people to work on their own terms, keeping people engaged and motivated.

"We expect that, in the long-term, flexible working will improve people retention."

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