Paving Contractor and Asphalt Manufacturer

Southeast US

The company offers turnkey paving solutions by providing contracting, site development, and asphalt manufacturing in-house.

Key Aspects:

  • Operating for over 60 years; excellent reputation established
  • Sales breakdown for CY 2014: 76% contracting services / 24% asphalt manufacturing
  • Recognized for quality of work completed on I-95
  • Recently secured two major contracts expected to generate $11.5m that will be earned over a three year period
  • Manufactures DOT certified and non-DOT certified asphalt
  • Utilizes industry-leading technology to promote cost-effective solutions
  • Company has no long-term liabilities


    • Form a dedicated sales and marketing team to obtain new clients
    • Increase the number of biddings as the construction industry faces opportunities for growth
    • Remain up-to-date with internet bidding as it is expected to become more prevalent in the industry

      Potential Purchasers:

      • Highway, Street and Bridge Construction
      • Commercial and Heavy Construction Contractors
      • Industrial Building Construction
      • Commercial and Institutional Building Construction
      • Overseas Investors and Strategic Acquirers
      • Private Equity Groups (PEG) and Investment Groups
        FYE Mar 31st 2016 2015 2014 2013
        $'000 Audited Audited Audited Audited
        Gross Revenue 29,230 28,176 24,856 20,199
        Gross Profit 2,200 2,839 547 1,719
        Adj. EBITDA 1,572 2,091 1,653 1,456
        Bids Invited