Boutique Multi-Disciplinary Outreach Digital Marketing Firm

Midwest US

A boutique multi-disciplinary disruptive integrated marketing agency specializing in search, social media, influencer outreach, media buying, and content marketing to generate leads, acquire users and build sales for clients. The company achieves measurable business results through user acquisition and product launch, awareness branding and reputation, sales and lead generation, and complex communication programs.

Key Aspects:

  • 60% of total revenues is based on repeat business
  • Large client base, including several Fortune 500 companies, with an average tenure of approximately five years
  • Excellent market recognition and reputation
  • Seasoned management team, which has an average of 20 years of industry experience
  • Operating for over nine years demonstrating exceptional reputation and service
  • Enhanced continuing education training to counter technological shifts in the digital marketing industry
  • Diversified capabilities positioning the company in high value projects


    • Capitalize on significant growth opportunities within the high-tech, legal, banking, medical, and professional services industries
    • Develop a dedicated marketing and sales department to enhance business development initiatives
    • Capitalize on expansion of digital services with satellite offices across the United States
    • Incorporate additional services into a well-established customer base


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      Tax Rtns








      Gross Profit:1,1671,4011,4001,026
      Adj. EBITDA *705694790507
      * Earnings before interest, tax and depreciation (non-cash item)
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