Project Management Consulting Firm with Proprietary Subscription-Based Software

Southwest US

The company provides custom solutions to its clients by offering project management consulting services, proprietary technology solutions, and staff augmentation services. The proprietary subscription software provides executives with visibility into their project portfolio, empowering more effective decision making. The company effectively brings together the people, processes, and technology to help organizations manage their projects.

Key Aspects:

  • Process expertise in Project Controls (Scheduling, Cost, Risk & Communication Management). Can deliver the above processes-as-a-service or through staff augmentation.
  • Technical expertise in system administration, virtualization, database, and front-end development.
  • Known for utilizing innovative approaches, creative ideas, and technology to solve problems.
  • Platinum-level Oracle software, consulting, training, hosting, and support.


    • Venture capitalist has invested a record amount of capital into the construction technology in 2018
    • The company has developed proprietary technology that has tremendous commercial possibilities and is looking for additional capital to market and deliver it
    • Add a few key employees to help deliver and expand our "sticky" managed service offerings, bundling existing products and services with new propriety technology
    • Add additional functionality to the proprietary technology, including building out additional data source assets
    • Expand an already successful re-occurring and recurring business.
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