Provider of General Oilfield Construction Services & Supplier of Industrial Equipment

Southwest US

Two Texas-based corporations that provide general oilfield construction and maintenance services and industrial supplies to the oilfield market. The Companies operate from six locations throughout south Texas. General maintenance and oilfield construction services include excavation and installation for production entities and pipeline transportation entities. The supply and service company offers equipment and supplies such as pipes, valves, hoses, controllers, regulators, safety equipment, other industrial tools and accessories. It also provides controllers, regulators and safety equipment repairs and and installation both in house and in the field.

Key Aspects:

  • Operating for over 50 years
  • Great reputation for high quality products and services at an affordable price
  • Experienced personnel that provide reliable service
  • Loyal and steady repeat customer base
  • Provides on-call general maintenance and pipeline services
  • Large selection of product inventory on-hand
  • Six locations in Texas strategically located near customers


    • Further increase services throughout Texas such as the Permian Basin
    • Increase sales division and marketing capabilities such as SEO website and social media
    • Open supply stores in Permian Basin and other states
    • Further expand construction capabilities to accommodate larger-sized midstream and upstream installation jobs
    • Increase focus on industrial customers outside the oil and gas industry
      Company 1 (Pipeline Construction):
      $'000 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014
      Internals Tax Rtns Tax Rtns Tax Rtns Tax Rtns
      Revenue 3,461 3,064 2,740 3,809 4,674

      Company 2 (Industrial Supply):
      $'000 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014
      Internals Tax Rtns Tax Rtns Tax Rtns Tax Rtns
      Revenue 12,456 9,971 9,301 19,892 22,074
      Bids Invited