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Premium Construction Equipment Rentals and Storage CompanyRetail

Southeast US
The company rents out high quality construction equipment and provides mini storage units for East Tennessee. The company provides construction machinery for contractors, do-it-yourselfers, construction companies, and industrial companies.
Turnover: $1.4m
Adjusted EBITDA: $726,000
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Louisiana-Based Licensed Contractor and Distributor of FurnitureManufacturing & Industrial

Southeast US
The company is a distributor and licensed contractor for the installation of furniture and equipment for Louisiana customers in the education, commercial, healthcare, and government industries.
Turnover: $2.0m
Adjusted EBITDA: $429,000
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Premium Office Equipment CompanyRetail

Southeast US
The company sells and services commercial office equipment and furniture. The company has been in business over 50 years and is known for its quality service and extensive experience.
Turnover: $4.2m
Adjusted EBITDA: $490,000
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Medical Staffing FirmIT & Telecoms

Southwest US
This offering includes a medical staffing company that connects healthcare organizations with medical professionals seeking temporary work arrangements. The company identifies, screens, and recruits physicians for contract work at medical facilities.
Turnover: $7.2m
Adjusted EBITDA: $920,000
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Landscaping Business in Tulsa, OklahomaBuilding & Construction

Southwest US
The company is an Oklahoma-based business that provides full service landscaping services to the northeast Oklahoma area. Among the services offered are: drainage, hardscape and landscape construction.
Turnover: $1.2m
Adjusted EBITDA: $523,000
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General Mining Contractor - Vulcanizing, Conveyor Belt & Industrial Mining ServicesBuilding & Construction

Southeast US
A general contractor specializing in conveyor belt and other industrial mining services. This can include services in metal work fabrication, belt vulcanizing, steel erection, pipe fitting, and prep plant maintenance.
Turnover: $5.8m
Adjusted EBITDA: $413,000
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Southeast Based Designer, Distributor, and Retailer of Automobile Lighting AccessoriesManufacturing & Industrial

Southwest US
The company designs, develops and distributes LED lighting solutions for a variety of automotive aftermarket applications. The company retails and distributes its products domestically and internationally. The company is known throughout the automotive industry for setting lighting trends in the automotive aftermarket. Additionally, the company enjoys strong brand recognition and has a strong and active social media influence with over one million followers.
Turnover: $2.9m
Adjusted EBITDA: $387,000
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E-Commerce Childrens Apparel Company with Prolific Social Media PresenceOnline/E-commerce & Mail Order

Southwest US
The company is a designer and e-commerce retailer of children’s clothing, accessories, and supplies focused on the newborn to ten-year age group. The company has built a strong social media presence as well as a devout brand loyalty.
Turnover: $646,000
Adjusted EBITDA: $-119,000
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Texas Steel Fabrication, Deck and Joist & Erection Construction Services CompanyManufacturing & Industrial

Southwest US
The company, manufactures specialized steel products for construction projects ranging from churches to universities throughout Texas and surrounding locals.
Turnover: $9.3m
Adjusted EBITDA: $-505,000
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Award Winning Tech Driven Architect & Engineering Firm - HospitalityEngineering

Southeast US
The firm is a tech-driven team of award-winning architects, engineers, and interior designers recruited by hoteliers to design any hotel anywhere. The company harnesses the power of a 24-hour global team using the latest technology to efficiently deliver the most innovative designs and design solutions. The company team has designed hundreds of hotel projects across all the major brands.
Turnover: $11.2m
Adjusted EBITDA: $5.8m
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