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Building & Construction or Environmental businesses in US

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Premier Roofing CompanyBuilding & Construction

Southeast US
The company provides roofing, siding, ACM panels, custom panels, and pre-engineered steel structures to clients. The company also provides metal fabrication services on a variety of different metals in order to meet the customers’ needs.
Turnover: $6.2m
Adjusted EBITDA: $396,000
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Residential Construction and Remodeling ServicesBuilding & Construction

Southeast US
The company is a general contractor specializing in comprehensive, high-quality home improvement and construction services in Southeast TN. The company’s primary services are designed specific to home renovations and remodeling while the company will also perform commercial remodeling.
Turnover: $1.2m
Adjusted EBITDA: $322,000
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Building & Construction

Midwest US
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Turnover: $2.4m
Adjusted EBITDA: $462,000
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Recognized Independent Electrical ContractorBuilding & Construction

Midwest US
A family-owned electrical contracting firm conducting business throughout the Midwest area since 1991. The company specializes in new home, multi-family, industrial, commercial, residential and retail construction and services. In addition, the company is a leading energy efficient lighting service provider in the area.
Turnover: $4.2m
Adjusted EBITDA: $567,000
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High Tech Electric CompanyBuilding & Construction

Southeast US
The company performs industrial and commercial electrical services. The company also provides electrical installations and residential electrical services.
Turnover: $7.5m
Adjusted EBITDA: $1.9m
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Established Licensed and Bonded Utilities Contractor - Repair and MaintenanceBuilding & Construction

Midwest US
The company provides sewer, water main construction, and emergency repair in both public and private sectors. The company's primary services are in open cut underground utility installation for private construction.
Turnover: $6.4m
Adjusted EBITDA: $158,000
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Service & Installation HVAC Company Servicing South Texas Coastal AreaBuilding & Construction

Southwest US
The company is a full-service heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) company with focus on servicing and installation for the residential and light commercial markets.
Turnover: $3.3m
Adjusted EBITDA: $600,000
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Award Winning Luxury Homebuilder serving the DFW MarketBuilding & Construction

Southwest US
The company is a full-service luxury, custom home builder located in Texas. The company also offers residential remodeling services and light commercial builds.
Turnover: $8.1m
Adjusted EBITDA: $370,000
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Natural Stone Distribution & Installation Business For Sale In Amarillo, TXBuilding & Construction

Southwest US
The company is a natural and man-made stone supplier and installer for residential and commercial markets. The company sells, cuts and installs natural and man-made stone for residential and commercial locations. The company also provides interior design services for clients.
Turnover: $2.8m
Adjusted EBITDA: $421,000
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Statewide Prime Construction Management Contractor in LouisianaBuilding & Construction

Southwest US
The company is a prime contractor serving clients in both the private and public sectors. The company primarily specializes in commercial and light industrial construction for both sectors.
Turnover: $4.5m
Adjusted EBITDA: $254,000
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