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Care, Health & Medical or Manufacturing & Industrial or Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics businesses in Northeast US or Southeast US or Midwest US

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Prefabricated Wood Building ManufacturerManufacturing & Industrial

Midwest US
The company designs and manufacturers quality wooden roof trusses, floor trusses, and wall panels primarily for residential, commercial, and industrial clients. Utilizing state of the art 3D software, time-tested fabrication methods, the company has earned a reputation of high-quality services resulting in significant repeat business. The company is ripe for expansion given strong sales channels, dependable operating team, and loyal customer base.
Turnover: $10.9m
Adjusted EBITDA: $1.7m
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Aerospace Construction Metal Bonding Products and Parts Manufacturing CompanyManufacturing & Industrial

Midwest US
The company is an aerospace products and parts manufacturing company located in Midwest which provides corrosion inhibiting technologies for the aerospace industry. The company specializes in Phosphoric Acid Anodize, Metal Bonding, Flat Panel Routing, Form Pressing, FARO Arm Inspection, Paint,& Prime and have recently added penetrant inspecting testing to their portfolio.
Turnover: $3.7m
Adjusted EBITDA: $213,000
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Louisiana-Based Licensed Contractor and Distributor of FurnitureManufacturing & Industrial

Southeast US
The company is a distributor and licensed contractor for the installation of furniture and equipment for Louisiana customers in the education, commercial, healthcare, and government industries.
Turnover: $2.0m
Adjusted EBITDA: $429,000
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Healthcare Training Company specializing in American Heart Assosciation certificationCare, Health & Medical

Midwest US
A certified training center for basic and advanced life support training and certification that also sells automated external defibrillators.
Turnover: $622,000
Adjusted EBITDA: $404,000
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Niche, High-end Architectural WoodworkManufacturing & Industrial

Southeast US
Custom woodwork designer and installer for a high-end customer base that includes banks, offices, restaurants, hotels, and homes. For over 25 years, the team's craftsmanship has allowed it to distinguish itself in South Florida.
Turnover: $2.0m
Adjusted EBITDA: $387,000
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Full-service Pallet Manufacturer and RecyclerManufacturing & Industrial

Southeast US
The company is a full-service pallet manufacturer and recycler. The company provides new and refurbished pallets to customers throughout Tennessee.
Turnover: $2.5m
Adjusted EBITDA: $128,000
Price: $550,000

Specialized International Agricultural Services CompanyManufacturing & Industrial

Southeast US
The company manufactures, sells and services a full line of machinery throughout the major agriculture producing areas of the world. It offers full engineering capabilities plus start up assistance across the globe. In addition they provide parts and repair services in the areas served.
Turnover: $23.5m
Adjusted EBITDA: $425,000
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Furniture Frame Manufacturer in Alexander County, North CarolinaManufacturing & Industrial

Southeast US
A well-established manufacturer and provider of high-end furniture frames to furniture manufacturers and upholsterers.
Turnover: $1.6m
Adjusted EBITDA: $319,000
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Private Notable Fertility ClinicCare, Health & Medical

Southeast US
The business offering consists of two separate legal entities that operate under a a single umbrella, one is the clinical arm of the practice and the other is the laboratory and surgical center. The businesses provide reproductive endocrinology and infertility care including andrology and embryology services to couples struggling with infertility.
Turnover: $1.8m
Adjusted EBITDA: $89,000
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Reputable Truck Bed Fabrication and Installation CompanyManufacturing & Industrial

Southeast US
The company is a truck bed fabrication and installation business. The company works with commercial clients and local municipalities to upfit utility bodies, dump bodies and flatbeds onto work trucks.
Turnover: $2.8m
Adjusted EBITDA: $132,000
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