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Leading Bank Account Reporting Services and Software ProviderIT & Telecoms

Southeast US
The company's services are marketed and sold to banks and other relationship partners for resale to customers and are designed to accommodate their customers' unique accounting needs. Services include sub-accounting, fiduciary escrow/trust accounting and reconciliation, bank account monitoring, fraud and alert reporting software. The company's sales channels include banks, title insurance underwriters, real estate software developer networks and direct sales to the customer.
Turnover: $867,000
Adjusted EBITDA: $265,000
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Specialist Provider of ICT Services Serving SME & Corporate MarketsIT & Telecoms

Managed IT & telecom services provider delivering services to the SME & corporate markets throughout Ireland.
Turnover: 2.0m
Adjusted EBITDA: 415,000
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Young & Growing Network & Telecom Connectivity Consulting Services CompanyIT & Telecoms

Southwest US
The company provides network and telecom connectivity consulting services, managed services, and resale to medium and large enterprise companies. These include cloud solutions and consulting, carrier services consulting and support, and distribution of network managed services.
Turnover: $3.9m
Adjusted EBITDA: $528,000
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Cloud-based SaaS Platform for Healthcare EMRIT & Telecoms

Southeast US
The company is a cloud-based Software as a Service (“SaaS”) point of care, Electronic Medical Records platform that enhances and customizes the entire perioperative workflow and billing process through digitalization of forms. The company’s proprietary model has been used exclusively in the healthcare market and has a proven record of enhancing revenue cycle management, process efficiencies, and the overall profitability of its users.
Turnover: $2.0m
Adjusted EBITDA: $798,000
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Technology Driven E-commerce Provider Serving the Health & Personal Care SectorIT & Telecoms

Southwest US
The company, through its state-of-the-art, proprietary technology, provides a diverse group of goods through Amazon, mainly for the health & personal care sector.
Turnover: $20.5m
Adjusted EBITDA: $1.0m
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International Provider of Media Management Software and Telecom EquipmentIT & Telecoms

Two closely held companies providing multimedia content management software and telecommunication services in Latin America. The companies' proprietary software is used for automatic recording, cataloging and indexing of content from the radio, television, internet or any IP/Analog camera signals. The software administrates court room trial recording and government security systems. Monitoring of prisoners free yet under house arrest, using GPS and cellular technologies 24/7 in real time. Other applications include Telecommunication and court room trial services include service installation and post-sales support for the radio, television industries, and general court room obligations.
Turnover: $18.5m
Adjusted EBITDA: $1.1m
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System Integration & Project Management Software Development CompanyIT & Telecoms

The company is a software development company focused on offering technology solutions and implementations for the private and public sector including program and project management, systems integration and engineering, and information assurance and auditing. The company acts as both, a prime contractor and a subcontractor.
Turnover: $5.0m
Adjusted EBITDA: $634,000
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Midland Based IT Provider Focusing on Middle Market CompaniesIT & Telecoms

Southwest US
The company provides business-to-business IT Infrastructure support that enables clients to achieve robust IT systems replicating those of larger businesses.
Turnover: $485,000
Adjusted EBITDA: $164,000
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Hardware and Software System Solutions Provider for the Satellite Voice and Data IndustryIT & Telecoms

Southwest US
The company is a hardware and software system solutions provider for the satellite voice and data industry. The company has strong relationships with major satellite network companies, has contractual partnerships with the United States government, and boasts years of experience in the satellite voice and data market. The company offers a wide selection of products and services and enhances the user’s experiences with its sophisticated customer service.
Turnover: $1.1m
Adjusted EBITDA: $53,000
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IT & Telecoms

SE England UK
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Turnover: £1.2m
Adjusted EBITDA: £353,000
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