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Manufacturing & Industrial or Security businesses with a turnover of 1m - 5m

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Electric Motor and Pump Sales and Service CompanyManufacturing & Industrial

Southwest US
This company provides servicing, repair, replacement, and fabrication of rotating equipment to mid-stream, industrial, and municipal customers. This includes electric motors, pumps, generators, gear boxes, and more.
Turnover: $3.2m
Adjusted EBITDA: $979,000
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Internationally Recognized Class II Medical Device ManufacturerManufacturing & Industrial

Southwest US
The company is a manufacturer of proprietary medical devices used for the treatment of constipation, non-laxative prep before colonoscopy, or other medical related treatments. The business offers specialized device training for operators and uses an in-house clinic for medical sessions to the local community and as a training site.
Turnover: $948,000
Adjusted EBITDA: $73,000
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Furniture Frame Manufacturer in Alexander County, North CarolinaManufacturing & Industrial

Southeast US
A well-established manufacturer and provider of high-end furniture frames to furniture manufacturers and upholsterers.
Turnover: $2.0m
Adjusted EBITDA: $585,000
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Manufacturer of Printing Consumables for the Flexographic, Gravure & Allied IndustriesManufacturing & Industrial

Manufacture of a range of consumables for the flexographic, gravure, lamination & allied industries, sold throughout the UK, India, China, Italy & the USA.
Turnover: £2.4m
Adjusted EBITDA: £658,000
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Precision Component Manufacturer with Fortune 500 Client BaseManufacturing & Industrial

Southwest US
A precision machine manufacturing shop serving the oil field, semi-conductor, energy,
and seismic industries. The business has a large facility and 70 employees providing the capacity to service large commercial contract orders. High growth potential.
Turnover: $7.0m
Adjusted EBITDA: $1.2m
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Machining and Waterjet/Laser Contract Manufacturing CompanyManufacturing & Industrial

Southwest US
The company manufactures and provides piece-part production for other businesses that design and assemble a finished product, or outsource the manufacturing of all or part of the pieces required to make the product. The company uses various technologies such as traditional machining which includes mills and lathes along with non-traditional machining that includes waterjets and lasers.
Turnover: $6.3m
Adjusted EBITDA: $1.8m
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Equipment & Machinery Product Manufacturer in Lubbock, TX.Manufacturing & Industrial

Southwest US
A full service machine shop offering professional manufacturing, design, machine work and parts assembly primarily for the oil and gas market.
Turnover: $5.2m
Adjusted EBITDA: $1.6m
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Innovative Precision Engineering ManufacturerManufacturing & Industrial

The Midlands England UK
Highly professional engineering group providing precision engineered components, various products such as fasteners, robotic welding, fibre laser & tube laser cutting, & a comprehensive selection of CNC machined tools. Products & services provided to a wide variety of industries including railway, automotive, medical, Ministry of Defence, agricultural, electrical & aerospace. Provides products for both UK & international customers.
Turnover: £3.2m
Adjusted EBITDA: £140,000
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Full-Service Flexographic Printing Company in TexasManufacturing & Industrial

Southwest US
The company provides printing, lamination, and slitting services utilizing polypropylene, cellophane and foil as substrates for the food industry.
Turnover: $4.3m
Adjusted EBITDA: $-75,000
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Niche, High-end Architectural WoodworkManufacturing & Industrial

Southeast US
Custom woodwork designer and installer for a high-end customer base that includes banks, offices, restaurants, hotels, and homes. For over 25 years, the team's craftsmanship has allowed it to distinguish itself in South Florida.
Turnover: $2.5m
Adjusted EBITDA: $428,000
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