Recycling Opportunity for Oil and Gas Market

Midwest US

This is an opportunity to acquire a company that had been previously established and has expertise in utilizing cutting edge technology to reclaim and recycle compressor oil for the oil and gas industry. The plant reclaims and recycles compressor oil through a de-emulsification process and provides waste oil management services to the Southwest, U.S. market. The facility is not operating but is ready to open with the right acquiror.

Key Aspects:

  • Strategic location near oil and gas production companies
  • The facility is easily accessible by road, water, and rail
  • Fully functional facility that can be opened immediately
  • Management team availible
  • Strong vendor relationships
  • Scalable business model


    • Implement water purification systems to add additional revenue stream
    • Open facilities in strategic locations in surrounding states
    • Focus on shipping and construction markets
    • Utilize alternative suppliers such as auto service companies
    • Increase sales and marketing
      Bids Invited