Mechanical Engineering and Building Services Provider with Secure Relationships

South England UK

Offers design, fabrication, and installation services, in addition to mild steel fabrications for prefabricated pipework and steelwork, for commercial and industrial applications. The company also offers a bespoke steel fabrications service to clients in the pharmaceutical and health protection industries. Operating from two fabrication workshops, the company has an established client base across its operating footprint.

Key Aspects:

  • Long-term relationships with a number of esteemed clients including government agencies and global pharmaceutical firms.
  • Offers bespoke fabrication services, enabling the company to hold a niche in specific industries.
  • Boasts an outstanding client retention rate of 95% for the past five years.
  • Holds an enviable reputation for continually finishing high-quality projects within the assigned timeframe, and specified budget.
  • Proudly runs an apprentice scheme, in addition to offering training courses, paving the way for a skillful workforce and strong second-tier management.
  • Benefits from extremely secure supplier relationships, mostly spanning 25 years long, which thus ensures a continuity in the company's valued offering.


    • Onboard new staff such as a project manager, in addition to a pipe fitter/welding apprentice, in order to support the company's sustained growth, enabling it to cater to increasing demand.
    • An opportunity for an acquirer, possibly operating with the required resources, to enhance the company's marketing activity, enabling it to engage a larger prospective client base.
    • An opportunity for an acquirer, already operating within a similar sector, to obtain an established foothold in Southern England, securing access to the company's diverse client base, and specific knowledge in catering to the pharmaceutical and health protection industries.
      Year End 31/12/2016 31/12/2017 31/12/2018
      £'000 £'000 £'000
      Turnover 1,503 1,232 1,114
      Gross Profit 365 189 195
      Bids Invited