Two Oilfield Companies Focused in Torque and Test, and Flowback Rental Equipment

Southwest US

The offering consists of two businesses; each operating independently. Business #1 is a provider of torque and test, and ancillary services for oil and gas upstream operators. Business #2 offers flow back rental equipment and services for the oil and gas industry.

Key Aspects:

  • Strong oilfield services industry reputation
  • More than 125 years of combined management experience offering torque and test and ancillary services to upstream operators
  • Cross-trained employee-base which allows for additional industry knowledge
  • Strong customer relationships with qualified industry leaders
  • Strategically located near basins experiencing large growth in oil and gas production


    • Opportunity to increase marketing and business development efforts
    • Ability to expand to surrounding states and other geographical markets
    • A capital investment would allow both companies to purchase a wider variety of equipment to increase service and rental offerings
    • Trade buyer acquisition would allow an enlarged market presence through the offering of a larger industry network
      $'000 2018 2017 2016 2015
      Source Internals Internals Internals Internals
      Revenue $1,414 $2,112 $1,548 $1,703
      Gross Profit $1,361 $1,822 $1,395 $1,480
      Book EBITDA $106K $237K $101K ($0.89K)
      Bids Invited