Tubular/Pipe Goods and Transportation Rental Company in the Permian Basin

Southwest US

The company provides new and used tubular sales as well as truck rental services to oil and gas production companies in the Permian Basin.

Key Aspects:

  • Diversified service offering for the oil and gas market
  • Fleet truck services for short and long hauls
  • Tubular sales for downhole oilfield services
  • Turnkey solutions to oil and gas drilling and completion needs
  • Located in the oil abundant Permian Basin
  • Over 85 years combined experience


    • Increase sales and marketing team
    • Expand to neighboring states outside of current market
    • Further expand on existing services
    • Invest in updating current facility as a fully functional pipe yard
    • Bring on an in-house mechanic
      Trailing Twelve Months ending 6/30/2018:

      Revenue: $4,898,906
      Gross Profit: $1,375,582
      Book EBITDA: $124,754
      Bids Invited