E-Commerce Childrens Apparel Company with Prolific Social Media Presence

Southwest US

The company is a designer and e-commerce retailer of children’s clothing, accessories, and supplies focused on the newborn to ten-year age group. The company has built a strong social media presence as well as a devout brand loyalty.

Key Aspects:

  • Company has scaled over 10,000X since 2010
  • Recently expanded in providing adult apparel and expects to launch adult footwear in Q4 2019
  • For fiscal year 2019, ownership is focusing on growing the company's profitability rather than top-line sales
  • Strategic overseas manufacturing relationships
  • Devout customer following based on carefully built brand awareness and social media presence
  • Facebook following of 99,520, Instagram following of 258,000 users, Pinterest following of 21,000
  • SMS opt-ins of 11,497
  • Established loyalty program (over 20k members) and internal newsletter subscribers (over 175k subscribers)
  • Inc 5000 fastest growing companies (#472)


    • Using the current social media presence as a platform, further expand on the company's advertising and marketing strategies to create more brand awareness
    • Specific to the company's digital advertising strategy, bring on an in-house digital ad specialist in order to capitalize the return on this mode of marketing
    • Company currently in growth mode with room to expand into various geographic locals in the United States and Internationally
    • Expansion of the current product lines, including offering additional sizes, colors, prints, and styles
    • Create international brand awareness and distribution channels
      Year End 03/31/2019 12/31/2018 12/31/2017 12/31/2016
      Internals Internals Tax Return Tax Return
      $'000 $'000 $'000 $'000

      Revenue 646 3,102 3,731 1,222

      Gross Profit 110 1,350 1,893 703
      Bids Invited