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Texas-based Legume Producer, Processor and Distributor For SaleAgriculture

Southwest US
The company pre-purchases large batches of Southern peas from farmers and then processes them for the wholesale seed and food trade.
Turnover: $2.4m
Adjusted EBITDA: $415,000
Bids Invited

Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Company in the Permian BasinAutomotive

Southwest US
This is a highly specialized diesel particulate filter cleaning company for diesel engine trucks in the Permian Basin. Cleaning diesel particulate filters is the only service that the company provides, allowing it to clean filters in less than 24 hours after being scheduled. The company is growing rapidly and is seeking a full or partial sale to facilitate the growth of its operations.
Turnover: $455,000
Adjusted EBITDA: $76,000
Bids Invited

Full-Service Nursery & Garden CenterLand & Property

Southeast US
A professional, full-service nursery and garden center specializing in serving homeowners and landscape contractors. The company has 12 greenhouses located in a high-income area.
Turnover: $323,000
Adjusted EBITDA: $79,000
Bids Invited

Proprietary Enterprise Software Application for Supply Chain Mgmt (Indirect GNFR)Professional Services/Consultancy

Southeast US
The company provides a cloud-based enterprise software application controlling on-time delivery of goods-not-for-resale (GNFR) end-to-end to final destination. Typical GNFR purchases are capital assets and products consumed to operate the business including realty, facilities, fixtures, construction, CapEx, parts, projects, maintenance, supplies, security, and technology, but excludes goods for resell. The comapny's risk mitigation toolset allows the enterprise to gain end-to-end control over their suppliers, 3PL’s and consolidators to deliver on-time resulting in higher project on-time completion rates, lower costs, increased revenues, and profits.
Turnover: $2.6m
Adjusted EBITDA: $1.4m
Bids Invited

Specialized Boutique General Contractor - Design Creativity ConstructionBuilding & Construction

Southeast US
The company is a general contractor specializing in comprehensive, high-quality home improvement and construction services in the Nashville area. The company’s primary services are designed specific to home renovations and remodeling, residential maintenance, property services, and new construction. In addition to the residential services, the company also provides appliance repairs, home and property inspections, general maintenance, consultation services, and reliable handyman services for smaller projects.
Turnover: $4.2m
Adjusted EBITDA: $655,000
Bids Invited

Established Third Party Logistics Company Specializing in Customized Freight MovementMotor, Transport & Marine

Midwest US
The firm is a third-party logistics company that has the ability to partner with major regional, super-regional, and long haul LTL trucking companies to provide industry leading truckload and LTL freight movement and customer service. In addition, the company is able to meet all import and export needs expanding their global reach capabilities.
Turnover: $18.0m
Adjusted EBITDA: $716,000
Bids Invited

Leading Grading, Excavation, and Sewer/Water Rehabilitation Services ProviderBuilding & Construction

Southeast US
A heavy construction contractor engaged in site preparation, infrastructure construction, and general contracting for industrial, commercial, retail, municipal, and utility services. The company specializes in all facets of heavy civil related activities focused primarily within the state of occupancy. The company's market presence, engineering capabilities, and brand name combined with a strong geographic location offers multiple opportunities for growth. The YTD 2018 adjusted EBITDA figures do not reflect interest and depreciation amounts therefore are not fully comparable to the year-end figures because of internal adjustments made only at year-end.
Turnover: $36.9m
Adjusted EBITDA: $6.9m
Bids Invited

Machining and Waterjet/Laser Contract Manufacturing CompanyManufacturing & Industrial

Southwest US
The company manufactures and provides piece-part production for other businesses that design and assemble a finished product, or outsource the manufacturing of all or part of the pieces required to make the product. The company uses various technologies such as traditional machining which includes mills and lathes along with non-traditional machining that includes waterjets and lasers.
Turnover: $6.3m
Adjusted EBITDA: $1.8m
Bids Invited

Medical Staffing FirmIT & Telecoms

Southwest US
This offering includes a medical staffing company that connects healthcare organizations with medical professionals seeking temporary work arrangements. The company identifies, screens, and recruits physicians for contract work at medical facilities.
Turnover: $7.2m
Adjusted EBITDA: $920,000
Bids Invited

Highly Regarded Public Sector Architectural Consultants in Dallas, TexasEngineering

Southwest US
The company is a Dallas area architectural firm primarily involved in public infrastructure projects for the transportation (airports and rail transit), government (municipal, county, state, and federal buildings), education (schools and universities), and healthcare (hospitals and medical research) sectors to support the increasing growth in the area's demographics.
Turnover: $6.5m
Adjusted EBITDA: $306,000
Bids Invited